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Hot Scots
(Hopefully) Hot Scottish People... 
10th-Dec-2009 04:54 pm
Night is Day - My City My Business
Hey all,

I hope this is allowed, but for the past three years I've been working on my own sci-fi programme called "Night is Day", which is about a superhero in Glasgow. It's all completely self-funded and everybody is working for travelling expenses. The first series is available on DVD on the official site, and the second series is coming out in the Spring. I'm also shooting the feature film version next Summer.

In the meantime here's a trailer for the second series, let me know if you think there are any hot Scottish actors or actresses in it!

Night is Day is a Scottish sci-fi drama series following the adventures of Jason Mackenzie. A twenty-something Glaswegian who is bestowed with powers of lightning and foresight from a peaceful demon. Jason uses his powers to fight evil on the streets - ASBO teens, villains, corrupt businessmen, vampires and demons. While Jason does things his own way, DCI Sloan and DI Mullan are determined to stop the evil Mr. Philips and his cronies from fulfilling a terrible prophecy.

Which side will you choose?

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