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Hot Scots
A Hot Scot needs funding for creative ventures. 
15th-May-2011 04:55 pm
Firstly, is I'd like to apologise for being so inactive in my own group for awhile. I won't get into it but there was a move to Scotland in there and a lot of school work.

To start off with actually posting again, I'd like to promote one of the causes of one of our members. ecossefilmmaker is doing a walk to get some funding for "Night is Day". As proper Albaphiles (or Scotophiles), it is our duty to help support creative works coming from Scotland.
From the site:
To raise much needed funds for my superhero film "Night is Day" the cast and crew will be walking from The Falkirk Wheel to George Square in Glasgow on the 21st of May 2011. It's a 22.1 mile walk. We will be filming the event and putting highlights online and on our DVD. We will be donating a percentage to a well known children's charity - which is to be confirmed. With the money raised we will be arranging meetings with distributors at film markets all around the world to maximise the opportunities to distribute the film and allow for more independent films to be made with talented cast and crew trying to make a fantastic creative industry. Thank you for your support!

I'm actually participating in the walk and am offering incentives for people to do so on my own journal. I'm sure that people here would be willing to do so without such bribes... but I'm sure they can't hurt.
Bonus for sponsoring me in this one: I will wear my (sort of) Amy Pond (another Hot Scot!) cosplay from Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. It will be a similar shirt but with short sleeves and with either shorts or jeans instead of capri pants, but I will put one tally mark on me for every £1 donated. There is no maximum number of tallies I will put on me. You will have to tell me you've sponsored me here because I don't get a total (no individual sponsorship pages)
Sponsor the walk here

You don't actually need to pay until after the walk and I will be providing pictures.
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