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A Hot Scot needs funding for creative ventures.

Firstly, is I'd like to apologise for being so inactive in my own group for awhile. I won't get into it but there was a move to Scotland in there and a lot of school work.

To start off with actually posting again, I'd like to promote one of the causes of one of our members. ecossefilmmaker is doing a walk to get some funding for "Night is Day". As proper Albaphiles (or Scotophiles), it is our duty to help support creative works coming from Scotland.
From the site:
To raise much needed funds for my superhero film "Night is Day" the cast and crew will be walking from The Falkirk Wheel to George Square in Glasgow on the 21st of May 2011. It's a 22.1 mile walk. We will be filming the event and putting highlights online and on our DVD. We will be donating a percentage to a well known children's charity - which is to be confirmed. With the money raised we will be arranging meetings with distributors at film markets all around the world to maximise the opportunities to distribute the film and allow for more independent films to be made with talented cast and crew trying to make a fantastic creative industry. Thank you for your support!

I'm actually participating in the walk and am offering incentives for people to do so on my own journal. I'm sure that people here would be willing to do so without such bribes... but I'm sure they can't hurt.
Bonus for sponsoring me in this one: I will wear my (sort of) Amy Pond (another Hot Scot!) cosplay from Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. It will be a similar shirt but with short sleeves and with either shorts or jeans instead of capri pants, but I will put one tally mark on me for every £1 donated. There is no maximum number of tallies I will put on me. You will have to tell me you've sponsored me here because I don't get a total (no individual sponsorship pages)
Sponsor the walk here

You don't actually need to pay until after the walk and I will be providing pictures.
Eddie Izzard - Covered In Bees

Night is Day - A Scottish Superhero Movie

Hey everybody!

We've finished filming our first ever feature, "Night is Day", which is about a superhero, Jason Mackenzie, as he fights to protect a girl, Lena, from an ancient being, The Caillech, before the country is wiped out.

Of course there are people out there who want to stop Jason, leading to lots of fights, explosions and some pretty shots of Scotland!

Here's our first trailer, which went down well at Collectormania in Glasgow this year.

You can let me know if you see any hot Scots in the trailer, and if not, boo! :p

For more info go to


Doctor Who - Rose 3D glasses

Night is Day

I hope this is okay - I've got a couple of Scottish actors in my film Night is Day, and I thought I'd put a couple of pics of them in here to see what you all thought.


Chris Summers, aka Jason Mackenzie = Glasgow's superhero


Kenny Boyle and Steven McEwan aka PC Douglas and DCI Iain Mullan

What do you think?
Night is Day - My City My Business

(Hopefully) Hot Scottish People...

Hey all,

I hope this is allowed, but for the past three years I've been working on my own sci-fi programme called "Night is Day", which is about a superhero in Glasgow. It's all completely self-funded and everybody is working for travelling expenses. The first series is available on DVD on the official site, and the second series is coming out in the Spring. I'm also shooting the feature film version next Summer.

In the meantime here's a trailer for the second series, let me know if you think there are any hot Scottish actors or actresses in it!

Night is Day is a Scottish sci-fi drama series following the adventures of Jason Mackenzie. A twenty-something Glaswegian who is bestowed with powers of lightning and foresight from a peaceful demon. Jason uses his powers to fight evil on the streets - ASBO teens, villains, corrupt businessmen, vampires and demons. While Jason does things his own way, DCI Sloan and DI Mullan are determined to stop the evil Mr. Philips and his cronies from fulfilling a terrible prophecy.

Which side will you choose?

H50- Ohana

Kevin McKidd graphics

Hey everybody !
Lately, I have been dying for a Kevin McKidd wallpaper, to have some hotness on my desktop, so I've made some, and maybe got a little carried away with Kmk graphics ... ^^

Wallpaper kev 1024x768

I hope there is other fans here, he's such a brillant actor ^^

It's this way : @ my journal
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Vote for The Greatest Scot

STV is having a contest for people to vote for who is the Greatest Scot. For some reason, I figured this group would be interested. ;)

My icon might hint at who I voted for and I'm curious who everyone else here has voted for/will vote for.
You can only vote once and will need to register but I suggest voting.

And where can you vote?

Now excuse me while I look at the list and almost feel ashamed I voted with fangirlish thoughts instead of history nerd thoughts. Especially given that I may get a degree in Medieval Scottish History.
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